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Hi! I'm Sushrut Mishra


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3 ways i can help you

I’ve developed effective content creation and marketing systems that'll help you achieve better traffic and branding than most of your competitors.Here's what I can do for you:

blog writing

3-6 blog posts per month laser-focused on your product.Watch as your business gets a surge of traffic and quality leads.

personal branding

I can establish your personal brand and grow your social media accounts to attract dream customers.Done it for myself and several other founders.

Content marketing

My agency VCMedia Labs is a full-service marketing agency purpose-built to turn your business into a brand and community-driven storytelling machine.

Did you ask about numbers?

3 years. 10+ clients.
1M+ words. 150m+ views.
60k+ follows

But who...

Who am I?

Over the last 3 years, I've tried a plethora of career paths:Development, Writing, Marketing, Community Management, a few more.But one thing that remained constant was WRITING.With writing, I've helped 10+ companies increase their traffic, get leads, and book profits.Simultaneously, I've been building personal brands for Entrepreneurs on Twitter and LinkedIn.Result? A freelance writer and growth strategist with more leads than he could handle.That's when I started VCMedia Labs to cater to businesses' branding needs.Now, I'm a Founder-creator providing premium writing and marketing services.And oh! When I'm not writing or working, you'll find me travelling or mentoring upcoming freelancers.

An excerpt of what you can expect!

Confused? Let me help you:

1. Blogs that rank on Google and bring hundreds-of-thousands of views.2.High authority Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. Starting Instagram soon!3.Company branding on LinkedIn, Twitter, and IG through viral content strategy.In short, you can get thousands of followers and millions of views.But don't believe me. Believe my clients:

Did you ask for a testimonial?

This one is from one of my favorite clients.Deliverables:
→ Writing, Editing, and Publishing.
→ WordPress Development
→ Digital Downloads
→ Social Media Management
Have a look at my work:

A few more...

Want to work with me?

It all starts with an idea. Maybe you want to build a brand.Maybe you want to market the brand. Maybe you want to create brand content.Or maybe you want anything & everything in between.Yes?

blog writing

You get 5 SEO optimized blogposts per month tailored according to your brand and requirement.
Plus, 3 revisions and content marketing strategy. Starting with:


personal branding

You get DFY help with your personal brand on Twitter and LinkedIn. Tailored storytelling that gets your audience, followers, and high-quality leads. Starting with:


Here's something better:

Hire VCMedia labs:
A full-service marketing agency.

An agency I built with love, passion, and hard-work. It is purpose-built to turn your business into a community-driven storytelling machine.

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